About us

Introducing ourselves

We have been dealing with the maintenance and construction of air conditioning and heat pump systems for years. We were one of the first in Hungary to use the air conditioning washing technology, which is already a great success, with thousands of satisfied customers behind us.

Why do we do it?

I’m tired of customers being ripped off who trust that the AC cleaner is doing their job to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, this lazy attitude causes the air conditioners to have a shorter lifespan, and what’s worse, human health is also put at risk by the work not done thoroughly. We have received calls from several apartments, houses or businesses after catching a cold or pneumonia at the beginning of summer.

Where we work?

Primarily in the Budapest-Pest county, but also throughout the country, subject to agreement.

Let's get in touch

I am available by phone and email, feel free to message or call me!