Apartment disinfection with ozone

If cleanliness is not only important in appearance

What is the problem with previously common disinfectants?

Even in the cleanest apartment, there are surfaces that the owner unknowingly does not clean or cannot clean. Bacteria and viruses can also appear in parts of the apartment that we do not expect. Among the previous methods of disinfection, chlorine disinfection has been the most effective so far. In the chlorine apartment disinfection, the chlorine compound was sprayed onto the surfaces of the apartment. This caused a lot of inconvenience, as all personal items had to be packed away, and then the disinfected surfaces had to be wiped down again so that the dried chlorine did not remain there. In addition, the unpleasant odors did not disappear either (in fact, an unpleasant and hard-to-ventilate chlorine smell filled the treated area), since we can only speak of a surface treatment where only objects that come into direct contact with the chlorine were disinfected.

How is ozone different?

Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants. One of its great advantages is that it is in a gas state, thanks to which it reaches every point of the room and destroys harmful microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, molds, so that during the disinfection process it does not leave physical traces of substances harmful to health on the surface of the furnishings, nor does it damage them.

On the bactericidal and virucidal effect of ozone

By the disinfecting effect of ozone, we mean its ability to kill bacteria and viruses. As a result of the oxidizing effect of ozone, significant lipids, which are components of bacteria and viruses, are damaged and oxidized. Ozone molecules hitting the bacterial cell wall continuously destroy it and form holes in it. The bacterium deforms, and the cell dies due to more and more destruction holes. In the presence of ozone, viruses lose their infectivity, so they become ineffective and unable to infect further.

When should ozone be used?

In case of bacterial - viral infection

Ozone's strong bactericidal and virus-killing effect is due to the oxidizing effect of oxygen produced from decomposing ozone. When ozone comes into contact with the cell wall, it destroys the bacterial cell membrane. As a result of the oxidation reaction resulting from contact, it forms a hole in the cell wall. The bacterium loses its shape, while ozone molecules create additional holes in the cell wall. Thousands of ozone molecules collide with the bacterial cell wall, causing the cell to die. A virus is a microscopic organism smaller than a bacterium. Due to its non-cellular organization, it can only reproduce in the cells of other organisms, as a parasite. Ozone molecules also damage the virus, which will be unable to infect other cells and transmit the infection.

In case of unpleasant odors

When ozone meets odor molecules, the extra oxygen atom reacts with them and completely oxidizes them, destroying them. As a result of the reaction, the odor molecule is destroyed, and the ozone breaks down into oxygen. Its biggest advantage compared to other procedures is that it can permanently eliminate the smell by breaking down the source of the smell, unlike an air freshener, which only temporarily "covers" the smell. Here are some non-exhaustive examples: cigarette smell, burning smell after fire damage, oil smell, musty smell, pet smell, garbage smell.

To exterminate mites and parasites

Thanks to the state of matter of ozone, it effectively seeps into every tiny crevice, even inside the sheets and mattress, and destroys the various mites that live in these places by destroying their respiratory organs.

For mold removal/removal of allergenic substances

Mold is a living organism for which it is not enough to visibly eliminate the mold, its spores must also be destroyed, otherwise the mold will spread in a short time. Ozone prevents the growth of mold by killing its spores. It has a surface effect on visible molds and prevents them from growing. After treatment, the mold as a living organism ceases to exist, it must simply be wiped off the surface due to its visible physical extent. If the environmental factors that cause this continue to exist after ozone remediation, mold can develop again.

What is the disinfection process?


In view of the current epidemic situation, I arrive in a mask and rubber gloves, and when entering, I put a leg bag on my feet in order to avoid contact as much as possible.

Inspection of the area to be treated

Wrapping up accidentally forgotten living tissues (e.g. houseplants), checking smaller ventilation openings (in the case of open gas systems). It is best if you have already gone through these before me, but you can ask for my help.

Installation of an ozone generator on site

I place the ozone generator in the space to be treated, in the most appropriate place, then set the desired values and the ozone generator starts working.

Leaving the area to be treated

As soon as the device has been set, you must leave the treated area as soon as possible and close the door.


If we want to use the area immediately after the treatment (in the case of an apartment), ventilation is necessary, since in the case of larger areas to be treated, the ozone molecules cannot immediately break down into oxygen. In the case of a vehicle, where it may not be used that day, it is possible to keep the doors closed after removing the generator until the next use, so the treatment is even more efficient.

How to request?

For many, the additional costs, sometimes of several thousand forints, become apparent after the work has been completed. Examples include parking fees, percentage surcharges imposed during certain hours, manipulation of net and gross prices.

What does my price include?

I don't have any hidden costs. The posted prices include all costs, and you have to pay exactly the amount indicated at the end of the disinfection.

You don't even have to tidy up before I arrive!

Many people stress before a stranger comes to them, that they have to tidy up. For example, it does not bother me at all, I am aware that there is not always tip-top order in an apartment. You don't have to worry about tidying up because of me, because the big advantage of ozone treatment is that you don't have to pack anything apart from the plants, I can set up the system in any conditions!

Ozone treatment of a building/apartment

Property disinfection

up to 30 m²

120 minutes

90 minutes operating time
30 minutes exposure time

26.000 Ft

Property disinfection

up to 60 m²

150 minutes

110 minutes operating time
40 minutes exposure time

31.000 Ft

Property disinfection

up to 90 m²

180 minutes

130 minutes operating time
50 minutes exposure time

37.000 Ft

The operating times specified and indicated by us are five times the required emission time of the ozone generator in order to achieve the desired concentration under all conditions.

The previously listed prices are treatment times calculated for the floor area measured in square meters, which apply to a room with a maximum ceiling height of 270 cm. In the case of a higher interior height, as well as if the nature of the problem makes it necessary, the duration of the treatment may be longer, please let us know in advance!

Vehicle disinfection

General disinfection

General bacteria and virus killing in the passenger compartment

  • 30 minutes operating time
  • 10 minutes exposure time
  • Free drop-off in Pest county

Enhanced disinfection

Treatment of strong odors, mold stains, and infected areas

  • 60 minutes operating time
  • 10 minutes exposure time
  • Free drop-off in Pest county
It is important to mention that ozone disinfection does not replace general hygiene at home, but it provides a very effective extra protection in your home.

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