Car air conditioner disinfection with ozone

Why is it worth disinfecting the car's air conditioner with ozone?

Bacteria and viruses can also appear in parts of the car that we don’t expect. Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants. One of its great advantages is that it is in a gaseous state, thanks to which it reaches all parts of the car and destroys harmful microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, molds. Thanks to the natural cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting power of ozone, we clean and disinfect the car’s air conditioning system without dismantling the air conditioning system or using polluting and strong chemicals, and unlike other procedures, we also deodorize the interior of the vehicle, so at the end of the treatment the car will smell „new” again.

It is not necessary in the ozone disinfection process

On the bactericidal and virucidal effect of ozone

By the disinfecting effect of ozone, we mean its ability to kill bacteria and viruses. As a result of the oxidizing effect of ozone, the lipids that are a component of bacteria and viruses are damaged and oxidized. Ozone molecules hitting the bacterial cell wall continuously destroy it and form holes in it. The bacterium deforms, and the cell dies due to more and more destruction holes. In the presence of ozone, viruses lose their infectivity, so they become ineffective and unable to infect further.

What is the disinfection process?


In view of the current epidemic situation, I arrive wearing a mask and rubber gloves in order to avoid contact as much as possible.

Visual inspection of vehicle and location

In the car, I start the air conditioning on maximum setting and internal circulation.

Safe placement and commissioning of an ozone generator on site

I place the ozone generator in the space to be treated, in the most appropriate place, then set the desired values and the ozone generator starts working. It is very important that you let us know in advance if there is a power supply for the ozone generator in the area. If there is none, (e.g. in a condominium parking lot), of course we have a solution for that as well.

Leaving the area to be treated

As soon as the device has been set, you must leave the treated area as soon as possible and close the door.


If we want to use the area immediately after the treatment, ventilation is necessary, since in the case of larger areas to be treated, the ozone molecules cannot immediately break down into oxygen. In the case of a vehicle, where it may not be used that day, it is possible to keep the doors closed after removing the generator until the next use, so the treatment is even more efficient.

How to request?

For many, the additional costs, sometimes of several thousand forints, become apparent after the work has been completed. Examples include parking fees, percentage surcharges imposed during certain hours, manipulation of net and gross prices.

What does my price include?

I don't have any hidden costs. The posted prices include all costs, and you have to pay exactly the amount indicated at the end of the disinfection.

Car air conditioner disinfection

Autóklíma fertőtlenítés

Car air conditioner disinfection

In the case of 1 vehicle

HUF 12.000

Car air conditioner disinfection

For 2 vehicles (per vehicle)

HUF 10.000

Car air conditioner disinfection

For 3 or more vehicles (per vehicle)

HUF 9.000

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